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The hazardous chemicals
spill for initial response to
Measuring device


hydra key featyres

01Able to urgent initial response for
hazardous chemical spills

  • Quick and easy one-button operation system Automatic and continuous measurement are available with just push a one button.
    (Zero calibration is not required)

  • Simultaneous Single / Multiple Gas Measurement

  • Guide to grasp of danger, gist of extinguishing fire,
    gist of disaster prevention etc.

  • Measurable in minutes

  • Maximum operate up to
    12 hours(Available continuous monitoring with using a DC Power)

02Contain database regarding materials against chemical accidents according to the domestic Ministry of Environment

  • 01

    More than 40 types of gas and
    about 500 harmful chemicals can be measurable

  • 02

    With FTIR(Fourier transform infrared
    spectroscopy) and electro
    chemical gas sensor,
    Immeasurable and dangerous
    substance can be measurable

03Our date support seviceallow real-time
remote control and monitoring

  • 01

    Telemery and management with
    3G/LTE data communication

  • 02

    Built-in GPS module to manage measuring result
    based on location information

  • 03

    Data management and control through
    remote management server

  • 04

    Effective management with
    app support for smart phone only

1 2

04Intuitive interface

  • 01

    Available for Inexperienced and
    amateurical workers

  • 02

    Portable and
    easy configuration

  • 03

    Improved mobility with
    carrier type form

05Secure measurement reliability

  • Vibration design

  • Waterproof,
    protection against dust(IP65) design

  • Protectable for high-strength
    external shocks

  • Guarantee fast A/S and
    continuous upgrade due to localization