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More than 50 kinds of harmful GAS
can be measured

Portable FTIR Multi Gas Analyzer



Gas measuring equipment
Simultaneous measurement of single/compound gas
Database of chemical accident substances by the Ministry of Environment
Telemetry and management possible

  • 01Hydra-2000G uses FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared)
    measurement method, Measuring gaseous hazardous chemicals,
    it is a gas meter with a portable size and weight.
  • 02Hydra-2000G is designed to have high reliability and durability
    for use in hazardous areas, so it can measure more than 50 types of
    chemical accident preparation materials from the Ministry of Environment.
  • 03It consists of a compact structure including a gold-coated measuring cell,
    a suction pump and a complete measuring control unit.
  • 04If you use the built-in battery, you can measure up to 5 hours,
    and it is convenient to use with the integrated carrier.
  • 05Built-in GPS and LTE enable remote management of
    measurement location information and measurement results.
  • Long-time Environmental
    monitoring Supports

  • Custom DB

  • Indoor and outdoor
    installation possible


Items HYDRA-2000G
Measurement item · more thand 50 hazardous chemiclas
· DB can be added by user request
Measurement method · FTIR
Measurement temperature · 0 ~ 40C
Measurement range · 0 ~ 1,000
Spectrometer resolution · 4cm-1
Spectrometer resolution range · 800 ~ 4,200cm-1
Structure of measurement cell · White Cell
(Function) Drift · Less than 2%(F.S) / Week
(Function) Repeatability · Less than 5%(R.S)
(Function) Linearity · Less than 2%(F.S) / Week
External output · Data - TCP/IP, RS232C
Sampling conditioner, Terminal · TCP/IP, RS232C
Weight 32kg
Power · 100-250V / 50-60Hz’
Size · 600(W)X500(D)X165(H)